ABAP syntax highlighting for Sublime Text

ABAP syntax highlighting for Sublime Text

I have created a Sublime Text plugin which is intended for all the SAP/ABAP programmers who would like to use an external editor. Sublime Text is a very powerful programming text editor and therefore it is definitely a good choice even for ABAP developers. Since now Sublime Text supports ABAP syntax highlighting thanks to my plugin. If you are interested in, you can download ABAP-Sublime-Plugin from GitHub. I highly recommend to read the documentation first. Would you like to know something else or participate in the development? Contact me at jaros.pavel@gmail.com.

Do you like my ABAP plugin and find it useful? Feel free to contribute me some money for its future development. I would be very happy for that. Thanks!

ABAP syntax highlighter for Sublime Text 2:

ABAP syntax highlighter for Sublime Text 2

You can get a list of FORMS, MODULES, CLASSES and their METHODS on CTRL+R command and easily switch between them:

ABAP syntax highlighter for Sublime Text 2

Sublime Text 2 has built-in auto complete function which suggests suitable commands as you type. Now ST2 understands to all the commands and keywords of ABAP language which is really helpful. You can choose either from the suggested keywords or the availabe snippets (described bellow).

Sublime Text 2: Auto complete of ABAP code

I have prepared a lot of useful snippets which make writing of code very fast and easy. The snippets are short parts of code which are used as templates:

Sublime Text 2 - List of Snippets

The complete list of all the available snippets.

An example of the snippet for the basic variable declarations:

Sublime Text 2 - Snippet for the basic variable declarations

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